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Finfacts Premium Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions set out the conditions relating to the sale of online subscriptions by Finfacts Multimedia Limited, which owns the Finfacts website ( / and the Finfacts Premium website (

Finfacts Multimedia Limited is incorporated in the Republic of Ireland under company registration number 241000. The VAT (Value Added Tax) number is 8241000O.

To contact us please either phone us on +353 (0) 23 8852700/353 (0) 87 2883948 or email via via our Contact Page. Mail address: 21 Rosewood Rise, Ballylangley, Bandon, Co. Cork, Ireland.

Finfacts has been online since 1997 providing quality content with both an Irish and international focus.

The Free Sample Report provides examples of the range of content, with categories updated weekly and analysis articles posted through each week.

As the subscription charge is low, the system only allows one simultaneous login. If a user had logged on from another device, the option of disconnecting the older session is provided.

1. Subscription

  • Annual charge of €25 (euros) plus VAT @ 23% in the Republic of Ireland from Jan 01, 2012; No VAT applies in respect of subscriptions from the other 26 European Union member countries on the provision of a valid VAT number that has been issued to the subscriber in the country of residence; Rest of World subscriptions are free of VAT.

We do not provide refunds and your subscription will not renew automatically. We will contact you prior to the expiry of the existing period.

Subscribers are provided with an invoice via e-mail.

The credit card statement will have the charge in the name 'Finfacts Premium.'

The subscription currency is the euro and subscribers from outside the 17 countries of the Eurozone, are billed in their own currency. Exchange settlements will be determined by agreements between the subscriber and their credit card issuer.

Content accessible to paying subscribers only is available on

2. Subscription Privacy Policy

In processing and using your personal data, we commit ourselves to the following points:

Your personal data is processed and used only for services within Finfacts. Your personal data or e-mail address will not be transferred to any third party.

Finfacts personnel will have no access to your credit card data nor will it be stored on Finfacts servers.

Realex Payments, a leading European payment service provider, with offices in Dublin, London and Paris, and which has clients such as Virgin Atlantic, Vodafone and Aer Lingus, handles the payment processing using secure servers.

3. Copyright

Finfacts Multimedia owns all copyright and similar rights in the content of the Finfacts websites and all associated products and services.

Provided that Finfacts is acknowledged as the source/author, the information provided as part of your subscription may be repackaged for your own internal business use only.

Permission is required for supply to third parties.

4. Accuracy of Information and Availability

The information on Finfacts Premium is obtained from sources that we believe to be reliable, but Finfacts Multimedia does not in any way warrant or guarantee the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any information contained in the Finfacts Premium website.

You agree that you have sole responsibility for checking the accuracy of data obtained from or via our websites. If you chose to rely on information or data from Finfacts, you do so at your own risk.

While Finfacts Multimedia endeavours to keep the content accurate and up to date, the content is provided on an "as is" and “as available” basis without warranty express or implied as to the content, quality, availability, fitness (including but not limited to technical compatibility) for a particular purpose. Nor will Finfacts Multimedia be responsible for any inaccuracies or typographical errors arising in data or information handled or provided on the Finfacts Premium website.

We try and ensure our websites are available for use 24 hours per day, 7 days per week other than for a small period for scheduled down time, however we do not warrant that at other times our websites will be available.

5. Links

Our websites contain links including hyperlinks which may take you outside the Finfacts websites. Links are provided for your convenience, and an inclusion of any link does not imply endorsement or approval by us of the linked website, its operator or content. We have no control over the contents or functionality of those sites and accept no responsibility for any loss or damages that may arise from your use of them. We are not responsible for any website outside the Finfacts' websites, and such websites use will be subject to relevant terms and conditions and privacy policies.

6. Disclaimer

Finfacts Multimedia, its directors, employees, servants and agents, affiliates or other representatives and their respective parent and subsidiary companies, shall not be liable in respect of any claims, emergencies, demands, causes of action, damages, losses, expenses, including, without limitation, reasonable legal fees and costs of proceedings arising out of or in connection with the use and/or dissemination of personal information relating to you in accordance with this privacy policy and your consents.

We protect our systems with various cybersecurity tools and we do not accept responsibility for any security vulnerabilities that may be present on a subscriber's systems.

7. Law

The terms and conditions shall for all purposes be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Ireland.